Vendor Goodies: Well Well, I Heart U Makes Cardamom Pound Cake

written by: Lucan Pipkin

If you are as obsessed with cardamom as I am, you know that it is a spice of the Gods. The discovery of any new cardamom-flavored food item is worthy of celebration. And I Heart U’s “East is East” Cardamom Pound Cake is no exception.


After tasting the generous sample as this season’s 2nd market, I was hooked. I literally had to fight for the last cake from another woman who had been lucky enough to discover it the week before. I lost and instead put in a recurring weekly order to ensure I would never miss out. Go get your taste of the east this Friday and every Friday from I Heart U at the Petworth Community Market. Warning: You will return on a pilgrimage every week for the rest of the season to get this cake. (And it’s organic, low-fat, and non-GMO so you can feel good about it!)