Recipe: What DC is Doing with Eggplant!

Written by Brandon Maya

There’s no denying that eggplant season is in full swing.  In case you’re not sure about these tasty and healthy fruits – that’s right! they’re a fruit! – now is your chance to learn some more and get great recipes from local DC chefs –including Jaleos’ Jose Andres to Volts’ Michael Voltaggio — to inspire your next meal. Don’t forget to pick up your eggplant, and everything else you need, at our market on Friday (4 – 8 PM)!

Polenta Eggplant Recipe

Written by Julia Kaan. Photography from CityEats

There are a lot of ways to prepare eggplant and here are a few from great DC chefs that we love.

You can pick up eggplant, and so much more, this Friday, 4-8pm, on 9th Street NW at Upshur!

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