DC vs. Iron Chef Bobby Flay

Via International Culinary Center  — beat bobby flay dc, petworth marketBeat Bobby Flay, a new Food Network show, is looking to cast talented, experienced and competitive chefs to go up against International Culinary Center’s  famed class of ’84 alum, Bobby Flay. The show is looking for chefs who can make an iconic meal (think grilled cheese, sausage and peppers), but with a twist that elevates the dish. If you’re interested, respond ASAP to foodtvshow@gmail.com with the following information:

1. Name
2. Age
3. Location
4. Contact Number
5. Job Title
6. Personal Statement (What will make you memorable to an audience? Why do you want to beat Bobby Flay? What would this show mean to you?)
7. Recipe submission (What classic recipe do you put a spin on? Explain your personal story behind this classic dish.)
8. Recent photos of yourself and your food

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