Getting Ready for Gardening!


Frog ran up the path to Toad’s house.
He knocked on the front door.
There was no answer.
“Toad, Toad,” shouted Frog, “wake up.
It is spring!” “Blah,” said a voice from inside the
“Toad, Toad,” cried Frog.

“The sun is shining!

The snow is melting.
Wake up!”

“I am not here,” said the voice.

-Frog and Toad Are Friends, “Spring”

20140327-225912.jpg My daughter loves this book. At 2 she knows most of the words, and identifies Frog, a free and kind-hearted character as “Dada” and crotchety, sleep-loving Toad as “Mama.” She’s really spot-on.

In the story “Spring”, Frog pulls Toad out of bed and onto the front porch. “We will skip through the woods and run in the woods and swim in the river … sit right here on the front porch and count the stars.” Toad goes back to bed. Wake me mid-May, he says. So Toad (love…

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