Vendor Goodies: Heirloom Tomatoes – Taste a Green Zebra!


Those gorgeous, savory fruits that go so well with all things summer are back in action. From the funkily shaped Black Krim and Cherokee Purple varietals to the perfectly poppable Green Zebra and cherry tomatoes, Petworth Community Market is brimming this weekend. These perks of the seasonal heat can be found under a few market tents: check out Radix, Pleitez, and Open Book to see which suit you.


While we’ve paired a recipe below, our farmers are a great resource to talk fun summer dishes with. After all, they’ve got the goods to experiment- stop by any and all of them to see just how to use tomatoes in new and exciting, simple and easy recipes!

So, maybe we are stuck in a summer soup rut- not the worst place to be when you want an odd but approachable, easy recipe to relax and enjoy the summer’s bounty with. This week, we thought we’d flex our barefoot contessa muscles with a cream of fresh (and local, to boot!) tomato soup. Not only can you put tomatoes to good use, but local red onion, garlic, and basil are all readily available at the market, too! This makes for an easy, all-in-one shop for your Saturday evening meal. Bon appetit!

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