Vendor Goodies: Almond Milk, Granola are 100% Raw and Vegan Plus a full Market Bounty

Bettina is back at it this weekend with her homemade, delicious and healthful products. Sanskrit for ‘non-harming,’ Ahimsa Foods encompass the principles of non-violence toward all living things, and while many patrons who purchase from Ahimsa are vegan or gluten-free, Bettina has found that more often than not, most simply want a pure and simple product.

As is everything under the Ahimsa tent, Bettina’s signature granola and almond milk are 100% raw and vegan without any GMOs, soy, preservatives, or artificial colorings. Check in with Bettina this Saturday to sample her offerings!

What else can we expect at market this Saturday, you ask?

  • Gone Greens is coming! Expect collard greens pico de gallo, pesto, and chutney… with samples of everything, to boot! Rumor is that black-eyed pea hummus will be offered as well!
  • Kuhn Orchard is offering fill-a-box order forms for Petworth patrons every Saturday in August. Complete it by Friday and a box of peaches and nectarines with your name on it will be waiting from 9-1. Kuhn also offers sampler cups (modeled by Board Secretary Kara) of their delicious berries available while they last!
  • No. 1 Sons is kicking up their usual bevy of naturally fermented goods with a very limited batch of yellow cucumber pickles! These locally sourced cukes are from Bigg Riggs in West Virginia, and are fermented alongside horseradish and other spices. Make sure to also look out for the scrumptious ginger giardiniera, prepared with a medley of cauliflower, carrots, and celery.
  • Pleitez will continue to bring okra, sweet corn, and all sorts of peppers alongside a huge array of sumer produce- they will also bring tomatillos!
  • Radix has a very special batch of husk tomatoes (aka ground cherries). With pineapple aromatics and tomato-like texture, stop by for this special summer treat!


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