Vendor Goodies: Blonde-Mary’s, Heirloom Tomatoes, Plums, Asian Pears and more Specials for Your Mouth!

  • 1 Sons will a special batch of locally sourced Blonde Mary’s- with a sweetness that is balanced out by some horseradish-y heat, these pickles are sure to make any Bloody Mary in your near future sizzle.
    • Should your Sunday include beer and pickle pairings? Probably.
  • Kristen and her Radix team will have arugula back again! As well as beans, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes of all heirloom kind, five types of eggplant, and herbs galore: chives, cilantro, Thai basil, rosemary, and mint. Also: SUNFLOWERS. While they last.
  • Ahimsa will be sampling raw and organic almond milk with a fresh batch of spiced homemade granola.
  • Pleitez will bring okra, sweet corn, and all sorts of sweet and spicy peppers alongside tomatillos, eggplant, garlic and enchanting bouquets of brain celosia flowers.
  • Open Book is coming with heirlooms galore, basil and radicchio alongside new sausages: garlic, sweet Italian, and sun-dried tomato.
  • Kuhn Orchards will have brilliant Blue Italian plums, French filet beans, Asian pears, and, of course, so many apples (sansa and summer mac!) and peaches: yellow and white donuts, John Boy, Bounty, White Lady, and Sugar Giants!

Kuhn Orchards is hosting their annual “Get Your Bib On!” photo contest- snap a selfie enjoying a one of their peaches and wearing a peach bib. Submit photos by August 31st and the top three photos will receive gift certificates to Kuhn Orchards farmers markets!

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