Labor Day Market Specials for your Mouth!

Saturday Goodies: Green Hope Smoothie Co, and Labor Day Deals!

A new addition this year to our market, Green Hope brings to Petworth the best smoothies made with the freshest and, whenever possible, locally sourced ingredients known to Washingtonians. Founders Emir and Abu continue to dedicate themselves to creating superfood blends that are always gluten-free, immunity-boosting, and rich in antioxidants. Not satisfied with the current “smoothie blends” they saw on the market, Emir and Abu wanted to create the perfect smoothie, and in doing so opted out of any additional sugar additions. Their incredible team is always on hand to talk about their latest creations- and they always, always have samples.

Skeptics beware- the samples are really effective.

 Labor Day Market Happenings, Deals & Specials

  • Panorama Baking Co. is bringing fresh sticky buns! For 2.25 instead of the usual $3- getcha some!
  • Kuhn Orchards will have brilliant Blue Italian plums, French filet beans, Asian pears, and, of course, so many apples (sansa and summer mac!) and peaches: Bounty yellow, white donut, John Boy, Bounty, White Lady, and Sugar Giants!
    • Kuhn is hosting the annual “Get Your Bib On!” photo contest- snap a selfie enjoying a one of their peaches and wearing a peach bib. Submit photos by August 31st and the top three photos will receive gift certificates to Kuhn Orchards farmers markets!
  • 1 Sonshas a few special batches for the weekend: Potomac Reds (sweet pickles mixed with red bell pepper chunks in an apple cider vinegar brine), an unnamed local pepper medley (suggested as an addition to fried chicken, because it would be perfect), and Blonde Mary pickles sourced from Bigg Rigg, WV.
  • Kristen and her Radix team will have arugula back again! As well as beans, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes of all heirloom kind, five types of eggplant, and herbs galore: chives, cilantro, Thai basil, rosemary, and mint. Also: SUNFLOWERS and other farm bouquets. While they last.
  • Ahimsa will be on hand to talk raw and organic almond milk with a fresh batch of spiced homemade granola
  • Pleitez will bring watermelons, juicy cantaloupe, okra, sweet corn, and all sorts of sweet and spicy peppers alongside tomatillos, eggplant, garlic and enchanting bouquets of brain celosia flowers.
  • Open Book is coming with heirlooms galore, DAIKON radishes, basil and radicchio alongside new sausages: garlic, sweet Italian, and sun-dried tomato.

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