Unicorn Pickles, Apple Scrapple & NEW Specials for your Mouth!

The fermented highlight of Petworth Community Market is, without fail, the family behind Number One Sons. Each week, Caitlin and Yi Wah send new batches of delectable pickles, krauts, kimchis and other specialty fermented treats from their factory in Arlington. Not only do they provide the District with the freshest naturally fermented goods, No. 1 Sons is a huge proponent of localized sourcing.

white pickles, No. 1 Sons - Petworth MarketBe careful, though: we tried their new Kicky Sauce and our old favorite, the kale-chi, last week in a few different recipes and are looking to grab as many as we can this weekend. Think breakfast burritos, think tortilla soup base, think… our delectable weekend dish below.

Vendor Happenings, Deals & Specials

  • Great Harvest is introducing some sweetness to September: Apple Scrapple is new, and begging to be French toasted.
  • Aida is back! She’ll be next to the Kuhn tent with her famous cheese and Lebneh pies, as well as savory meet and spinach pies, and the best baklava to hit Petworth all summer.
  • Kristen and her Radixteam have a bounty of kale, mustard greens, chard, broccoli raab, hon tsai tai, vitamin greens, sweet peppers, hot peppers, red and green okra, radishes, potatoes, acorn and delicata winter squash, pickling cucumbers, five varieties of eggplant, and oodles of fresh farm flower bouquets!
  • Kuhn Orchards will bring Cresthaven and Sugar Giant peaches, white and yellow Fantasia nectarines, Blue Italian and Ruby Queen plums, apples (Blondee, Elstar, Rambo, Gala, Honeycrisp), Asian and Bartlett pears, okra, heirloom tomatoes, leeks, onions, bitter melon, cucumbers, honey, apple butters, jams, and, of course, their glorious bouquets.
  • Panorama is running a weekend special on multigrain, rye, sourdough, whole wheat, and pumpernickel raisin loaves baked in a mold: $3 each from 9 until 1!

Ahimsa is bringing fresh grawnola and almond milk, as well as wholesome, healthful and delicious bars to sample!

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