Petworth Market Peaches

Peaches, Potatoes, Radishes & MORE Specials and Sales for YOUR MOUTH

Petworth Market PeachesEach peach, pear, plum… shallot, honey, tomato. Summer has been good to us, in no small part because of the amazing fifth generation of Kuhn farmers and their fresh weekly bounty. Kuhn is an integral part of the PCM, drawing a crowd every week hungry for fresh and local sweet produce.
As this delicious peach season turns to that of the apple, we wanted to celebrate the incredible variety of stone fruits, as well as think about saving summer flavor. And more vendors have specials and sales for your mouth below:

Vendor Specials and Deals

  • Curious about Winter CSA shares? Both Kuhn and Open Book will offer shares available in the off-season so that you can get local, fresh, and sustainably sourced food all winter long. Sign up now and rest assured that the cooler months will be no less filled with amazing food from some of our favorite farmers.
  • Back by popular demand, Great Harvest is coming with apple scrapple bread- a little sweetness for your Saturday, and a great excuse to make French toast…
  • . Fall favorites include radishes of the daikon/French breakfast/watermelon varieties, acorn and delicata winter squash, German butterball/blue/fingerling potatoes, and tomatoes, peppers, loads of hot peppers, summer squash, cucumbers, eggplant, okra, farm flowers, and herbs.
  • Loic and his Panorama team are running two specials: quiche is priced by the slice for 2.75 (instead of 5.50, lucky us), and fresh Madeleines are 25% off!

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