Sales 4 ur Mouth! Grapes, Sweet Potatoes, Fresh Bread, Hot Peppers and More, More, More!

Every Saturday, Loic’s team of talented pastry chefs and bakers conjure up some of the best treats to come by PCM. Panorama, a bakery dedicated handcrafted artisanal styles, brings a bevy of boules, baguettes, sweet turnovers and tarts that showcase a distinct Parisian method of making the most delicious things from the simplest ingredients. Bread lovers of Petworth can rejoice weekly in Loic’s artfully crafted, fresh and local breads, and while biting into any of the Panorama goods on display is a treat in and of itself.

More vendor goodies

  • Curious about Winter CSA shares? Both Kuhnand Open Book will offer shares available in the off-season so that you can get local, fresh, and sustainably sourced food all winter long. Sign up now and rest assured that the cooler months will be no less filled with amazing food from some of our favorite farmers.
  • Loic and his Panorama team are running two specials: get 00 off of rustic bread loaves (normally $5) as well as turnover pastries (usually $3)!
  • Radix DC sweet potato fries recipe, Petworth Marketis coming with an array of produce, including baby ginger, salad greens, cooking greens (kale, collards, mustard, vitamin greens, dandelion greens, sweet potato greens, broccoli raab, and our new favorite, hon tsai tai (a beautiful green and purple Asian mustard green similar to rapini). Fall favorites include SWEET POTATOES (!) and radishes of the daikon/French breakfast/watermelon varieties, acorn and delicata winter squash, German butterball/blue/fingerling potatoes, and tomatoes, peppers, loads of hot peppers, summer squash, cucumbers, eggplant, okra, farm flowers (see above), and herbs.
  • Nat from Great Harvest will come with plenty of Apple Scrapple and pumpkin breads, cookies, and doughy and divine focaccia.
  • Lady Jai from Natural Hands is bringing soaps, shea butters, and bath salts.
  • Kuhn Orchards will bring plenty of peaches (Victoria, Laurol, and Snow Giants), plus apples (Honeycrisp, Crimsoncrisp, McIntosh, Gingergold, and Daybreak Fuji), Asian and Bartlett pears, berries (straw-, rasp-, and black-), grapes on special(2 seedless pints for 6.50 or 2 seeded quarts for 11.00), okra, heirloom tomatoes, carrots, leeks, beets, garlic, cucumbers, bitter melons, gourds and mini PUMPKINS, apple butter, pumpkin butter, jams, and orchard honey.

Minor Note: Ahimsa will be missed this weekend! Bettina is at a conference and will return next weekend. S


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