Volunteer with the Petworth Community Market!

Our market depends on volunteers to make it happen every week, from sharing information in our Community Canopy and recipes on our blog to helping vendors set-up and pack-up and our all-volunteer board! There are lots of ways to get involved…

Volunteer with Petworth Market

Help Vendors Setup & Packup: Lend a hand to our great vendors at the start (8:30am) or end (12:30pm) of the day! This job could include some lifting, but it can be avoided. You can also stick around for the entire market to help us process SNAP/WIC and aid in the general operation of the market. Email Manager[at]PetworthMarket[dot]org  to sign up.

Leaflet at the Petworth Metro: Remind neighbors about the market by leafleting at the Petworth Metro. Email Manager[at]PetworthMarket[dot]org  to sign up.

Write for the Market Website: Our website is the go-to place for market info, yummy recipes, tips on seasonal eating, and more. Support the market by writing , editing , producing video and more online activities for our blog. Email Bartek at bartek.starodaj[at]petworthmarket[dot]org to learn more.

Have more questions about these opportunities? Email me at Manager[at]PetworthMarket[dot]org or come by the red market manager , every Saturday from 9AM – 1PM.

Feeling friendly? Join us on Facebook or Twitter.


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