Mission and Values (Old)


Petworth Community Market provides access to local food, goods, and educational resources by engaging neighbors in a vibrant weekly market.


  • Community Connectedness: We bring together the diversity of the Petworth community thus generating connectedness, energizing our public space, and inspiring participation and action in making the neighborhood a better place to live, work, and play.
  • Nourishment: Food is the fundamental sustenance that nourishes our body, mind, and soul and can bring a community together in culture and celebration. Access to fresh nutritious food is a foundation for health and human dignity.
  • Community Sustainability: Our market believes in the importance of supporting the local economy, prioritizing locally produced goods, supporting small-scale independent businesses, focusing on healthy eating and lifestyle, encouraging shopping within walking distance, and being conscious of our environmental impact.
  • Accessibility and Inclusiveness: We value the diversity of the Petworth community in age, socioeconomic, race, sexual orientation, and family makeup. Our market reflects, fulfills, and celebrates this diversity. We believe that healthy living choices should be an option for all and take action to incentivize participation.
  • Relationships: Positive personal connections and cooperation underlie our contributions to the community whether that is with our customers, vendors, volunteers, partners, community leaders, local business, or with our own board and staff.
  • Education and Outreach: Our market is committed to providing the Petworth community with accessible educational resources surrounding food, healthy living and sustainability through outreach activities.
  • Organizational Integrity: Our organization was started and built by a group of visionary and volunteer Petworth residents. We believe in the strength of personal passions coming together to build something powerful. We are committed to the long-term strategic, operational, and financial health of the organization.

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